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The general view of the market of novel handicrafts has been changing vigorously during the last 3 decades. During the seventies the novel handicrafts market had a strong revival during that period, people were closely involved by events taking place somewhere else in the world. The slogan in Bangladesh, "small is beautiful" was "in" during the seventies, even so along with the interest in other cultures. It was therefore important to know the country of origin. There was a demand for natural materials, in earthen colors and it was fashionable to fill the house with ornamental things.

However, due to the great demand for handicrafts the quality of the products got worse day by day. The products started to look cheap so that people lost their interest in these articles. Handicrafts were looked upon as "shoddy -goods".

In the eighties, a large curtailment of the market took place due to the decreasing growth of the economy. There was a change in the age of consumer. The old people had already filled their place up with handicrafts while the young ones required new exciting things matching their life styles. They did not care about the materials used, whether the products were handmade or not, or of any information regarding the country of origin. The crafts only had to suit their taste. This individualizing of the society and the liability of the producers in the developing countries to adapt themselves to this change of conduct among the consumers, brought about a very difficult time in the current past for a lot of handicrafts producers in Bangladesh.


From the late eighties till today at the very moment -- the initiation of the twenty-first century, although the individualizing of the society is still increasing, we however, do see good possibilities for the building up of a new market for the handicrafts in most EEC countries as also in other parts of the world.

There is one trend, which dominates the market everywhere. Simply said this is �back to nature and back to naturalness and back to realness�. This trend is strongly mixed with a nostalgia trend.

Looking at the whole field of decorative and gift items and interior decoration objects, one may safely state that there is a growing interest for good looking, well designed utilitarian items.

A strong need for the perfect product exists everywhere and happens to be vividly present. But as far as material, manufacturing method, packaging and [1] other issues are concerned, it is the high quality which matters and counts for generating interest in crafts.

Raw materials available in a lot of developing countries and labor costs are extremely low in comparison to western countries which are certainly good starting points for a success in the international market. It is clear that only those complying with most of the conditions and requirements will be in a position to make the optimum use of what the market has to offer now and will offer in the future.



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